Marquis-Duggan’s mission is to maximize the impact of organizations and their leaders through capacity building, change management, leadership development, equity and inclusion work, and real time strategic planning. Our core values are justice, equity, integrity, authenticity, and empathy. We center all of our work with an equity lens.

Drawing on 25+ years of non-profit experience, Marquis-Duggan exists to help grow an organization’s potential by fostering the expertise within. The core of our philosophy acknowledges that you are already the expert in your own organization – we exist to help your organization thrive through maximizing your board, staff and volunteer engagement, adapting core strategies, and building relationships with community stakeholders.

People often ask about the name: Marquis is my grandmother’s maiden name, Duggan is my mother’s. I am well aware of how these two generations of women enabled me to grow as a leader because of their work ethics, encouragement, and support.

“Janeen and her partner Antionette facilitated a 6 hour retreat for our 18-member nonprofit board recently. Their preparation, experience and passion for nonprofit management was evident from the start and added up to many valuable takeaways. They each bring a special gift to facilitating through their complimentary styles, war stories, tips and sound advice…I believe a key to culture building is team members sharing vulnerability. The exercises we engaged in facilitated this in a way that made each member feel safe in sharing and rewarded by growing together. Raising awareness about structural inequity is a key part of our board and organization’s mission. Equity was a theme throughout the retreat, thanks to these sensitive facilitators. I highly recommend Janeen and Antionette for their skill in managing retreats and am sure they can serve any nonprofit in a multitude of ways based on their experience and understanding of the issues and concerns we all face in trying to help others in our communities.”

– Larry Herst, Founder/CEO, Triangle Ecycling

“In addition to being passionate about social justice issues, Janeen is a resilient, positive, and authentic leader. She is exceptionally adept at working with people from diverse backgrounds and bringing out the best in each of them. Janeen sets ego aside and applies her real-world training and experience (including an MSW and clinical background) to help nonprofits maximize their effectiveness in the communities they serve. She has both the expertise and the character to develop successful strategic and tactical solutions for organizations in the nonprofit sector.”

-Elizabeth Forsythe, http://www.archetype-usa.com 

To inquire about services, contact me at janeen.gingrich at gmail.com or use the contact form.

“The role of leaders is not to get others to follow them but to empower others to lead.” -Bill George