Please click on the images below to see some examples of collateral I have created for clients and organizations. I am happy to provide more upon request, these do not include organizational development, board development, HR-related, and fundraising documents (because, let’s face it, these are more interesting to look at – although they are all valuable! Plus, the others are proprietary/more top secret)


A sampling of former and current clients include:

Testimonial from “In addition to being passionate about social justice issues, Janeen is a resilient, positive, and authentic leader. She is exceptionally adept at working with people from diverse backgrounds and bringing out the best in each of them. Janeen sets ego aside and applies her real-world training and experience (including an MSW and clinical background) to help nonprofits maximize their effectiveness in the communities they serve. She has both the expertise and the character to develop successful strategic and tactical solutions for organizations in the nonprofit sector.

One of the characteristics I appreciate most about Janeen is her ability to keep big picture goals in mind while not losing sight of the details. A good listener, she is appreciative and supportive and takes the time to recognizes the contributions of every team member. When Janeen employs her expertise around fundraising and organizational development with a given nonprofit, you can be confident the organization will make significant strides while fully addressing their unique challenges and opportunities.” -Elizabeth Forsythe